Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Look at the Week 3 Personnel Stats...

Another special thanks to Bob Sturm’s blog (link over to the right of this page) for his compiling this data.

As we could see anyway, the Cowboys were much more balanced on offense, running the 46% of the time. Before the Texans game, the Cowboys were running the ball 30% of the time. Like I mentioned, Andy Reid usually gets skewered, and rightfully so, for throwing the ball 60% of the time.

Dallas had 3 personnel groups that worked, by far the best. 12 (one back, 2 tight ends), 21 (two backs, 1 tight end) and S11 (shotgun, 1 back, 1 tight end). And the good news is that they were smart enough to use those formations on 75% of the plays.

This was also one of the games where you feel like the team has been reading this stuff.

Here’s the formula I discussed for winning Cowboys football:

Keep Romo under 36 pass attempts

Run the ball at least 25 times

Keep the 1st and 2nd down shotgun formations to under 25% of the time.

Run more out of the shotgun.

Dallas nailed all of those and had their most successful offensive performance of the year and got their first victory. According to reports, Romo mainly called the plays with Garrett serving as the final ‘editor.’ As Sturm mentioned, in Dallas ’ 8 drives, they started off each drive with a running play. So the commitment to run the ball was there.

For the year, we run the ball best out of the 12 personnel (4.4 ypc) and throw the ball the best from the 21 personnel (10.9 ypa). Here’s a look at our personnel and yards per play.


The good news is that we’ve used the personnel groups that work best the most. I would certainly imagine that Romo will call plays against the Titans, but the issue with QB’s calling plays is that they tend to favor the pass too much. A key part of the NFL is to still be willing to run the ball when there are 8 defenders in the box in order to keep the defense honest. As well as being willing to throw the ball when there are 6 defenders in the box. With Garrett’s issues in unbalanced playcalling, I’m not too keen on him being an ‘editor’ either.


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