Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Focus on QBRD

Dallas' current QBRD is at -15.6, which projects to 5.3 wins. Nothing really to worry about now because it's so early in the season. But going 0-2 is since teams that start off 0-2 have a 13% chance of making the playoffs.

Part of the big issue is the lack of turnovers. Most fans think about getting fumbles when it comes to turnovers, but where teams need to get turnovers is on INT's and QB strip fumbles. Why? Because on average each season, about 75% of the league's total turnovers are from the QB position (INT's and strip fumbles).

To go into this further, the problem has been from the safety position where Dallas has 2 INT's from all of the safeties that have been on their roster in the last 41 games.

Typically, the top 5 teams in INT's each year get about 8+ INT's from their safeties. Wade likes to play a lot of zone, but it seems like most of our INT's come on man-to-man coverage with the corners.

Another thing to point out and I think Jerry needs a coaching staff to focus on. The Cowboys road QB rating allowed by the defense since 2007 is 78. However, at home thier QB Rating Allowed by the defense is 84. I don't blame the 'home crowd' because it still makes no sense that the defense can go on the road and play much better than at home. Something tells me that the defense loses focus when they get home.


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