Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things To Look For, Week 2

1. This is the game where Dallas' defense should get turnovers. Martz's offenses have had a history of fumbling the ball, although with 3 fumbles against the Lions last week, I think the Bears may focus on not coughing up the football. But the real kicker is that Jay Cutler has a career avg. of 1 interception every 28 pass attempts and McNabb has a career average of 1 INT for every 48 pass attempts.

2. I expect the Cowboys to run more because of Garrett's history of neglecting the run in one game and then coming back and almost 'over-running' the ball the next game. Here's a look at that history:

- In 2007 after losing to the Eagles 10-6 and only running the ball 13 times, they played the Panthers the next week and ran it 31 times (I'm not including Romo runs).

- In '08 against the Skins (26-24 loss), Cowboys ran the ball 10 times (2 of them came from Terrell Owens runs), the next week vs. the Bengals the Cowboys ran it 34 times.

- In '09 vs. the Packers the Cowboys ran the ball 9 times, the following week vs. the Redskins they ran it 31 times.

Mind you that Garrett's avg. rushes per game is about 25 attempts. So when he goes wayyy below that, he then goes quite a bit above that in the next game. I will do a look at Garrett and how often he calls for running and it's impact on the Cowboys and their offense in the next couple of weeks.

3. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Bears run the ball a lot against the Cowboys given what Martz did against the Cowboys in the '07 game. The Lions only averaged 4.0 ypc that year and ran the ball on average, 20 carries a game. But in that game the team ran the ball 32 times and it threw the defense off guard.

4. Deon Anderson is out with an injury and that should effect the team in kickoff coverage. Dallas struggled against the Skins here with Devin Thomas returning kicks for 34 and 42 yards. We'll need a good day from Beuhler on kickoffs as the Bears have some of the best returners in the game.


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